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collage of productsLooking to test your speed on the track, not only cars, but horses or greyhounds, even Lions & Bears, javelins & spears have been tested , some on TV programmes. Interested in finding out a river’s flow speed? Maybe you’re part of a community watch programme and want to monitor the speed of cars in your neighbourhood or commercial premises? We offer a variety of speed radar guns and displays you can hire or buy to capture the rate of motion in a variety of environments.

Based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, our speed radar guns, and speed displays are suitable for everyone to rent or buy across the whole of the UK. From our specialist range, the top model is the RM2 named Railmaster as it was produced to provide accurate readings to monitor railway track speed, to our two Sports Radar Guns designed perfectly to measure the speeds produced by objects, to our fantastic Surface Velocity Radar Gun capable of measuring the surface velocity of water, there’s a product suitable for you.

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It's very easy to buy the wrong radar speed gun; if you are not 100% sure, the please contact us before buying to avoid mistakes when selecting.

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Alongside our handheld speed guns for hire and sale, we also offer repairs on many manufacturers and radar gun types, as well as accessories for your devices. We will ensure that your products are calibrated correctly with certification and returned by insured carriers, ready to start work again. You can also get your annual certification for your handheld speed gun or radar gun to comply with quality assurance system .

We have a variety of handheld speed gun products available for you to hire or buy for any domestic, sporting, commercial, and industrial events. This includes our Railmaster, SVR, SRA3000, SR3600, SR3800, Prospeed, Scout, SRA3000LS, SR3600LS, Dragon Eyes Laser and directional rechargeable radar speedguns. You even have the option of our pole, tripod mounted, or trailered speed displays ranging from 4” to up to 24”. Each individual speed display has its own specific uses: 4” and 8” have a perfect connection to our sports radar for personal training. - 12” and 18” are best suited for radar gun output for any commercial events. - 18” and 24” are specifically pole mounted boxed units. Our 18” display can be easily moved as a wheeled, battery powered unit. The speed displays have a variety of uses including speed checks for planning applications, school entrances, railways, and various sports. There is also the option to add speed displays to commercial vehicles and motor cars too.

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For more information about our range of handheld speed guns, radar guns and speed displays we have for sale and rent, simply visit our products page or get in touch today. We will always ensure to answer your questions with a solution and directly help you with any queries you may have.

Maintenance / Service and Calibration

We operate full repair / maintenance / service and calibration services in our test & certification laboratory for these and other makes of radar speed gun and speed display signs in our test & certification laboratory in Chesterfield. We also sell tuning forks to facilitate your own basic testing of your radar gun(s).